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Hello welcome to San Jose Psychic Chakra also known as Chakra Awakening. If you are looking for guidance healing and even answers to your questions then you are at the right place.


I have been working with my clients for over 20 years specializing in psychic readings chakra readings and chakra healing. I spiritually connect to your energy and chakras to bring out all I see and feel in almost any area you may need help in. I also use tools to further my natural intuitive abilities such as cards and crystals but these tools are only aids in helping me.In fact my readings rely on mostly tuning in to your chakras and your own spirit guide and angels.


My number one priority is to give my clients The most accurate overall psychic readings and spiritual chakra healings. I want my clients to leaving feeling in-powered and helping them to take back their control in life. I will do just this by guiding my clients and also healing them gain insight in their love relationships career and in their goals and everything they are wanting to achieve. I will speak every message i see and feel in your session.


I will not hold back but I will also deliver the messages in a non judgmental or negative manner because that is the main reason your guides have brought you here to learn understand and heal but also gain insight whether it is negative or positive because truth is power and knowing what is in store will give you the power to really take control of what you want in your life and truly be happy. If you are tired of feeling a heavy heart or maybe your mind feels burnout or blocked then please contact me and we can set up your very own spiritual psychic session!


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