About Us

Meet Psychic Claudia Camden owner of Chakra awakening


Claudia has over 20 years in:


*Psychic Readings


*Spirit Guide Readings and Communication


*Chakra Readings and Balancing


*Chakra imbalances


*Chakra Alignment Programs


*Energy Healing


*Spiritual Cleansing


*Crystal Programing


*Restoring Love Relationships


*Career advice and Consulting


*Past Live Spiritual Cord Cutting

I Have been helping my clients manifest their desires, bring them to their soulmates and advance in career, fully enabling them to complete their own life goals.


Since an early age I began to see and hear my own spirit guides and angels. Sometimes through dreams but mostly while I was awake this as you may imagine made me feel at first a little startled being only a Child  but I never not for one minute felt anything wrong from them in fact I would only feel peace. As I got older I began to feel other people’s energy and would see visions about them sometimes past or other times present but the most Difficult was seeing their future. So I decided to tell family about what I was going through at this point it had been already 4 years. They guided me to a teacher this women helped me not only further discover my own intuitive ability’s but also showed me methods to help control it when I wanted to. As a young adult I decided after many years of development with my teacher to make my passion my gift well my life! Now for over 20 years I have been helping people gain insight and answers through readings and message from their own Spirit guides and angels. I also have furthered my experience of energy and spiritual healing through studying the chakra system and by doing so I have been also helping my clients through energy and chakra healing and alignment.


Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit about myself and my own spiritual journey!