Meditation San Jose

Chakra Awakening 


Alinement Programs & Balancing Treatments 


Claudia Offers Individual or multiple chakra  healing treatments & Programs. Will help with your self wellness whice helps promotes


Balance Physically emotionally & spiritually.


Each treatment is 60-90 mins in time


Sound therapy as well as light bed therapy


Are used during each treatment .


All treatments are natural safe and energy based.


After Analysis is done Claudia and client may discuss chakra healing treatment options


such as 1 chakra or multiple chakra individually. Also 4 week and 7 week programs are designed to heal 4 or all 7 chakras to promote continuous chakra balancing as well as a savings in cost! Healing Tools will provided by Claudia such as crystals teas pendents mantras crystal water. 7 week Program includes your very own crystal healing water bottle!


What are chakras & How do they affect your life?


You have 7 major chakras in your human body. Chakras are spinning energy vortex’s that are located within your body hence they are your life force.


When you have balanced chakras life flows smoothly and you feel great. When they are imbalanced you will develop physical and emotional issues to alert you that something isn’t right. Your chakras can become imbalanced from mental, spiritual, emotional and physical traumas from this lifetime or other lifetimes you’ve lived.


There are so many benefits of healing & alineing the chakra system as well as spiritual healing


  • Reduce stress anxiety & Lower aggression
  • Cut cords or attachments from past lives Releases Toxic energy from negative events and relationships.
  • Improve connections & relationships With soulmates twin flames family friends and colleagues.
  • Deep relaxation & can help correct light sleeping  problems or pattens
  • Increase mental and emotional clarity.
  • Promote happiness & well-being


Claudia Camden is a natural born intuitive reader & energy healer she also has studied light and sound therapy as well as crystal healing. She is highly trained and She will work with your guides as well as hers to heal and balance your chakras or chakra being worked on. She will be able to cut cords and release toxic energy that no longer serves your relationships your life Or your goals!